Garage Door Repair Tierra Verde
Garage Door Repair Tierra Verde
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Trustworthy Service for Garage Doors

Small but talented group of technicians who provide reliable services for garage doors of all types, as well as garage door openers.

Never leave the opener running for more than a couple of minutes

When the opener runs for longer, the motor can get overheated and this may cause damage which is hard to repair. If you have to open and close the door frequently during the day, you should let the unit rest for about ten minutes between each operation. This will help to protect the operator from damage.

Choose a bottom seal over a threshold seal

The bottom seal is attached directly to the bottom section of the door and protects it from damage along with improving the energy efficiency of the garage. The threshold seal provides lower levels of protection as it is attached to the floor. It also wears out more quickly compared to its counterpart.

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