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Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door Opener

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

Having a garage door opener opens up a whole new world for owners of doors to the garage. Not only does it make life more convenient, but it also helps keep your homes safe and secure. The best thing about an opener like an automatic garage door opener is that they last long. The usual lifespan for an opener would be about 10 years. But if you make sure that you maintain it on a regular basis, it will definitely last even longer. Here are ways on how you can maintain your door opener:Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door Opener

Get to Know Your Opener

Before conducting the standard maintenance procedures, it is important to know the type of opener you have. There are three types of openers for the door to your garage. It would be either a chain drive garage door opener (which is quite noisy), a belt drive garage door opener (uses a belt made of rubber to lift the door up and said to be the one that makes the least noise) or a screw drive garage door opener (moves slowly but is sturdy enough to lift heavy doors). It is also important to study the manual. Each opener works differently. So it is best to know the exact functions of your particular opener.

Check Your Opener Regularly

Those who work at garage door repair Tierra Verde recommend the need to check the doors from time to time. They say that it is crucial to check for any broken or ill-fitting garage door parts such as the cables, brackets and tracks. Make sure that they are all in place. If there are any loose parts, call for a repair man to fix it. Worn parts should be replaced immediately to avoid any possible damage. Electric connections must always be functioning well. Loose wires must be fixed right away as this can be quite dangerous.

These are just some basic tips. For more tips, call us and we will teach you more about the doors of your garage.

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